Happyyen's Self Awareness in the Rain Forest Tour


An Outdoor Experience in the Malaysian Rain Forest at Chiling Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Bharu.

Psycho-Cybernetics in action

Come and  have an experiential day with Happyyen to enjoy and learn the following:

High Light of the  10 hours trip is:

1-Jungle trekking

Jungle trekking in the Malaysian rain -forest for an hour and a half to learn about the flora, fauna and the TAO Philosophy (approx. 3 km, includes five river crossings which most guests, really will appreciate) before you reach this magnificent waterfall ( approx. 27 meters ) or other alternative location.

Sungai Chiling only on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Nearby location on other days.

2-Mental Training

Learn about mind over matter ie. Learn how to submerge your body in a  hot-spring pool above 45 degrees Celcius. Once you have immersed in it, you will realize that you are the master of your own destiny. You set your own imagination.

3-Understanding similarities of various religion

With the right understanding, you will learn to accept that religious belief is a personal affair between the person and his personal GOD.

4-Experience good Malaysian meals

 During the trip you will experience  Indian, Malay and /or  Chinese  cuisine.

Trip recommended by LONELY PLANET (Jan 2010)

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 Certificate of Excellence

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 For more information:    

                        email  [email protected]                telephone:  +6017 369 7831                            (WhatsApp)                       




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